Reiki is a hands-on healing system based on channeling universal life force energy.  During a reiki treatment session, the practitioners transmit universal life force energy by placing their hands at specific positions on or slightly above the recipient’s body. Reiki treatment generally results in an overall relaxation response and promotes the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Recipients feel calmer and more centered, more energized, or both.  

​Reiki practitioners believe that the process also causes deeper healing on emotional and spiritual levels....


You are an energetic being, continually assimilating, adapting and reacting to the world around you.  Reiki offers the possibility of giving you what you need to navigate your way through your life. Like any treatment that draws on universal energy, Reiki is a direct communication to you via your practitioner.

In my experience, no two treatments are alike. When I deliver a Reiki treatment people ‘feel’ in different ways, each experiencing in a way that is relevant to them. My role in all this is to “pass on” - the rest is up to you. 

The personal nature of Reiki means it cannot have one definition,

            being many experiences, each personal.

The universal nature of Reki means it cannot have one outcome,

  being unto itself and limitless.

 Reiki in the hands of a connected Reiki Practitioner cannot fail 

to authentically pass-on what you need to hear.



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