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Crystal Gridding


How you create your crystal grid is entirely up to you, you may like to include pieces from natures (flowers, leaves), or you may want to choose specific crystals aligned with what you are wanting to manifest....remember, the universe tends to provide us with what we need, not what we want.

Where intention goes… flows

First thing's first! What is your intention for your crystal grid? This is the most important part of creating a crystal grid!  It is always a good idea to cleanse your crystals and space before you start making your grid. Once your crystals and space is cleansed its time to create! There are no rules about which stones are to be placed on the grid first. Follow your intuition, find what feels right for you. 

Once all of your crystals are placed on the grid, we must activate it! This can be done by placing your hands over the grid (but not touching it) closing your eyes and holding your intention in your mind for a few moments.


Check in with your grid often. but don’t interfere with it too much or it wont have a proper chance to work.

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