Bush Flower Insight Guide


A very brief insight into the healing qualities of each flower. 

If you would like a remedy or want to know more about a 

specific flower or blend

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Alpine Mint Bush:
Revitalisation of care givers,

For clear spiritual communication and discernment.

Banksia Robur:
For temporary loss of enthusiasm and interest in life

Open to change and new concepts

Billy Goat Plum:
Releases shame.
Acceptance of self and ones physical body.

Black-Eyed Susan:
Patience, slowing down, inner peace.

Opens the heart

Clears negative family and karmic patterns.

Releases obsessive thoughts.
Enhances creative visualisation.

To let go and cope with change.
Mother/Child bonding.

Bush Fuchsia:
Intuition, clarity of speech and integration of information.

Bush Gardenia:
Renews interest, communication and passion.

Bush Iris:
Deepens spirituality.
Acceptance of death

Christmas Bell:
Helps one the manifest their desired outcomes.

Balances and centres.
Relieves worry.

Dagger Hakea:
Forgiveness and love.

Dog Rose:
Confidence and courage.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces:
Calms and centres in times of inner and outer turmoil.

Five Corners:
Love and acceptance of self.
Self confidence

Flannel Flower:
Ease and enjoyment of intimacy.
Expressing feelings

Freshwater Mangrove:
Releases expectations and prejudices.

Fringed Violet:
Heals the aura.
Psychic protection.

Green Spider Orchid:
Telepathic communication.
Releases past life phobias

Grey Spider Flower:
Releases deep fears and terror

Gymea Lily:
Respect for others.
Releases the need for status and glamour.

Integrates the intellect with the heart for true wisdom.

Illawara Flame Tree:
Self approved and acceptance.
Releases fear and rejection

Ability to learn from past experiences.
Retrieves old or forgotten knowledge.

Decisiveness, clear mindedness.
Focused attention. 

Kangaroo Paw:
Sensitivity to situations and other peoples needs.

Kapok Bush:
Perseverance and willingness to try.

Little Flannel Flower:
Playfulness, joy and spontaneity.

Renews enthusiasm, endurance and inner strength.

Mint Bush:
Eases the turmoil and confusion of spiritual initiation.

Monga Waratah:
Strengthening ones will.

Mountain Devil:
Transforms anger, hatred and jealousy into unconditional love and forgiveness.

Mulla Mulla:
Relieves the emotional fear and distress associated with fire,heat and sun.

Old Man Banksia:
Enthusiasm for those who are weary or sluggish.

Paw Paw:
Overwhelm, assimilation and integration of new information.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree:
Relieves boredom and mood swings.
Develops emotional stability, consistent and commitment.

Allows one to accept love, acknowledgment and life abundance.

Pink Flannel Flower:
Having gratitude for everything in your life and keeping ones heart chakra open.

Pink Mulla Mulla:
Heals deep spiritual wounds.

Red Grevillea:
Independence and boldness.
Strength to leave stuck situations.

Red Helmet Orchid:
Clears father and authority issues and helps father bonding.

Red Lily:
Opens crown chakra.
Spiritually grounded.

Red Suva Frangipani:
Nurtures and gives strength to cope with relationship upheaval.
Inner peace.

Rough Bluebell:
Transforms spite and manipulation into love and compassion.

She Oak:
Balance and sense of wellbeing for women.

Silver Princess:
Life direction and purpose.

Slender Rice Flower:
Group harmony and conflict resolution.

Southern Cross:
Personal power.
Taking responsibility.

Empowers through emotional understanding of illness.

Sturt Desert Pea:
Releases grief and sadness.
Letting go.

Sturt Desert Rose:
True to self
Releases guilt

Grounded. Focused.
Attention to detail.

Sunshine Wattle:
Joyful expectation.

Sydney Rose:
Realising that we are all one, that there is no separation.
Feeling safe and at peace.

Tall Mulla Mulla:
Fear of confrontation.
Encourages social interaction.

Tall Yellow Top:
Alienation, loneliness and isolation.
Sense of belonging and acceptance of self.

Turkey Bush:
Inspires creativity.

For "black night of the soul".
Strength and courage to speak.

Wedding Bush:
Commitment to any area of life (personal, work, goals etc)

Wild Potato Bush:
Eases the frustration of physical restriction or limitation.
Ability to move on in life; freedom

Sexual enjoyment, openness and sensuality for women.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid:
For critical or judgemental tendencies.








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